Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's only fair


OK, well it's only fair that I school bash a little now...only because I've just shared some 'taking the mickey' homeschooling comics and stickers in my last post.

Please don't take offence at these. They are really not meant to offend anyone who sends their kids to school. They are a little bit funny though, don't you think??????

***Note to self: Don't ever do this again!


I Survived Public School Bumper Sticker


Schools: Educational Concentration Camps Sticker

Decal Sticker

Dept. of Education Sticker (Rectangle 50 pk)

Bumper Sticker

Famous Homeschoolers Sticker (Rectangular)


Are you still reading? I'm so sorry if I've offended...but it is Home Ed Week!

Yep, I hear you and you're right, it isn't school bashing week.


Please forgive me xxx

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Anonymous said...

very offensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!