Thursday, January 22, 2015

tilba with friends


The beautiful Tilba…have you been there? It’s one of my favourite places on the far south coast…actually, it’s one of my favourite places full stop.



Yesterday I caught up with these two beautiful people. I went to uni, Hawkesbury with this friend many moons ago. From the moment we met we became as close as sisters. She’s a gorgeous and funny, funny girl and I wish I could get to see her more often than I do. Maybe this year will be the year we get to have more fun catch ups? I hope so.

Her daughter is just like her. Sweet and funny and chat-chat-chatty.

So the three of us had a fun, girly day popping in and out of the cute little Tilba shops, having lunch and lattes and pots of tea in gorgeous tea shops.

WP_20150121_14_25_49_Pro WP_20150121_14_26_15_ProWP_20150121_14_20_55_ProWP_20150121_14_20_49_Pro


We had so much to talk about and gos to catch up on and even though the times we catch up are few and far between I always feel like it was only yesterday that we’d last caught up. She’s one of those special forever friends and I’ll always treasure her and the memories we share of our first years of living away from home and being poor, partying uni students.



And what would a trip to Tilba be without a coloured timber wall photo? I could spend all day wandering the main street of Tilba taking shots of brightly painted weatherboard walls. There are so many of them!

So that was my day yesterday. It was a good one. I hope yours was too:)


Kim x

Thursday, January 15, 2015

morning tea mmmmmm…..


Hello there!

Don’t you love morning tea? It feels like a decadent treat to me, especially when I get to have it with a gorgeous friend in a funky new hang out in a cute little country town.

Yesterday Lew and a friend had a dip in a local swimming pool while his friend’s mum, also my friend..;), had a lovely little relax here…




There’s a bit of a story behind this little shop. It has been owned and sold by quite a few people over the years and it’s been a general store and cafe. The last little venture it had ended in tragedy. You may have heard about it on the news. Probably better not to go into too much detail here, now, but it was a pretty sad story.

So when a local family bought the place and made it into something extra lovely  and opened the doors not too long ago, the community of Candelo gave a bit of a woot wooty cheer.



I’ve got lots more to say and show of this cute little cafe/general store a bit later on down the track {there’ll be a  feature post on it and the lovely owners soon…so watch this space!} but for now, just know, that my friend and I indulged ourselves and soaked up the loveliness of the place as we chatted madly and scoffed our faces with the most yummy scones I’ve ever had…hello, maple syrup scones with clotted cream!

Mmmmmm…yummy morning tea it twas.




Look at those teeny, tiny anzac bikkies on our spoons. So cute!




Are you a bit of a morning tea person? Have you ever had maple syrup scones? I need a recipe!

Have a great day and may your morning tea be yummy:)


Kim x

Friday, January 9, 2015

summery days: stills


1,2,3 Main Beach, Merimbula.

4 – 8 Fish Pen, Merimbula.

9 Sweet baby birds in a nest. Fish Pen, Merimbula.

10, 11 Friend’s beautiful dam and view.

12 – 14 Leo loving the river.

Our summer days have been beachy and rivery and damy. Lew’s had some swims in two of our lovely friend’s dams. We’ve been to a few beaches this summer. It’s hard having to share them with the tourists. We are spoilt in this area with having such quiet, people free beaches for most of the year. I guess it’s only fair that we learn to share for 6 weeks or so over the Christmas/New Year time. I guess;)

The river is a favourite hang out of ours. It’s quiet and shady and we can go for big walks up stream picking blackberries, when they are fruiting. Leo and Poppy love it too and it conveniently helps to burn some of their hyped up doggy energy which  they have a never ending supply of.

Lots of hot days we’ve had this summer have ended with beautiful, cooling thunderstorms. I don’t remember there ever being so many storms. I love watching the dark, heavy, grey clouds roll in and hearing the sky start to pound with thunder and sparkle with lightning. Sometimes there’s rain too, like right at this moment. There’s no better way to enter an evening – stormy, rainy and cool.

Our summery days.


Kim x

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a break, a boat, a boardwalk, a boat shed and an explanation




Far out, I’ve never had such a long break from this space before. I’ve had time away from writing in my life. Time when I just couldn’t write much more than a diary entry. Time when I had writer’s block that I didn’t think would leave. Those times were times when I was also under a lot of stress in my life. There was too much going on in my head to let even a dribble ooze out. The fear that the whole of my head would explode into a mush of emotion and worry and come gushing from my brain and flood the paper with the goriness of my life was too much. So I just kept it all locked away safely separated from pen and paper and keyboard. Suppressed into writer’s block.




This time away has been a lot like that. There’s been a lot of stress and anguish in my heart. Big changes are taking place and they are painful, though inevitable.



I am finally facing my marriage breakdown. It’s been broken down for over a decade. We’ve been living like ships in the night – separate people, not in a relationship, but sharing a life. I have had my head down trying to ignore it and just live each day. I’ve been fully focussed on parenting and unschooling Lew and I honestly thought that I would never have another partner to love and share my life with. I thought those days were long gone. I didn’t yearn for them. I didn’t feel.

 WP_20141228_16_57_09_Pro 2014_12_28_16_35_47_ProShot


Until about a year ago when I  found myself worrying about my future. My future as a single person. A lonely, single person. A horrible, grey, heavy dread began waking me from my sleep. I’d never felt it before. I’d been so oblivious to my needs as a person other than a mother, I honestly didn’t think I had those kind of needs anymore. I’d settled for my lot in life. A lot that I was content with. But something’s changed within me. Lew’s older and I’m faced with the reality of a life, in a few short years to come, that will be miles apart from this past 15 years of head down motherhood.




I don’t want to share much more than that here, not now anyway. But changes are taking place and they  come with some pain and rawness. I am finally dealing with some of the stuff in my life that I have buried and ignored. It’s not easy but it’s so necessary. It’s been hard on more people than just me.




I am praying that He will lead me and guide me and gently take me to the place He wants me to be. And I pray that as a mum I can be there for my child in every way that he needs. I know that all things happen for His purpose and I want to embrace them and continue moving forward. I don’t want to take the controls anymore. I am over trying to control my life and avoiding facing some of the painful realities. I trust that He is in control. That is all I need to know.

Welcome 2015.


Kim x


Tuesday, November 25, 2014





1 & 2. First time lawn bowling and my gorgy sister-in-laws 29th birthday.

3. One of Lew’s latest drawings.

4 & 5. A visit to the aquarium where we witnessed a marriage proposal of the most romantic kind.

6. Fish and chips, as you do after gazing at fish in aquariums.

7. Yummy salady lunches.

8. A homeschooling get together and Nethercote Falls.

9 & 10. A birthday party and a swim in a beautiful dam.

11. A rustic old bed beside the beautiful dam.

12. A BBQ with our lovely neighbours.

13. Pretty roses from a friend’s garden.


What have you been up to this past week or so?


Kim x