Tuesday, November 25, 2014





1 & 2. First time lawn bowling and my gorgy sister-in-laws 29th birthday.

3. One of Lew’s latest drawings.

4 & 5. A visit to the aquarium where we witnessed a marriage proposal of the most romantic kind.

6. Fish and chips, as you do after gazing at fish in aquariums.

7. Yummy salady lunches.

8. A homeschooling get together and Nethercote Falls.

9 & 10. A birthday party and a swim in a beautiful dam.

11. A rustic old bed beside the beautiful dam.

12. A BBQ with our lovely neighbours.

13. Pretty roses from a friend’s garden.


What have you been up to this past week or so?


Kim x

Friday, November 21, 2014

chooky goings on: monday mixed bag



Monday was a mixed bag. You know the kind you used to get from the milk bar? Some yummy chocolate bullets, a few chickos, a couple of  cobbers, a chocolate button or 3, some black jelly beans. All good. But then there was always a feral little mint leaf right at the bottom of the bag, tricking you into thinking that the last lolly would be a yummy one. And of course there were always far too many despicable bananas. Ugh.

Monday was a bit like that.

Our poor little Myrtle had to be put down. We have no idea what was wrong with her though she was never her spritely self after we had to take the eggs that she’d been sitting on for far too long off her. It was devastating. Tears and upset. I tell you, if someone had told me a year or so ago that I’d be crying over the loss of a chook I would’ve thought they needed their head read. Now it looks like I need my own sorted. Crying in the vet surgery over a chook seems to be quite an uncommon occurrence. Go figure.

So that was the sad, feral-mint-leaf-despicable banana part of Monday.




The chocolate bullet part was our sweet new addition to the hen house.

Meet ……??? Hmmmm…name still to be decided.



A friend dropped her in for a little re-home on Monday afternoon. She was feisty to say the least. The fights broke loose almost instantaneously and I found myself trying to get in between the feathers and fluff going everywhere. Beaks full of feathers. Cranky chooks. A stressed out hen house.




But as usual, our gentlemanly Sunny saves the day and does his utmost to keep the peace and welcome his new little chicky into the harem.

Now normally I would not have added this little girl to our treasure trove of chooks. She does not have the plumage now the prissiness of the pekins. But she does blend quite nicely as far as colour goes and you all know how important that is to this OCD colour consultant! Lucky for her and my friend that she is of caramelly tones. Oh and when I asked my friend what he might be doing with her if we didn’t take her his answer helped me to quickly make my decision. He’s a blackmailer for sure, using my chook empathy to his own advantage. I’ll let it slide…. for now.

Oh, and she eats like every meal could be her last. Can you see that head movement up there? She’s like a typewriter key and almost draws blood. Sunny just sits patiently while she gorges herself silly and my hand develops welts.




Anyway, she’s a cutie that’s for sure. Sunny is besotted with her and has not left her side when she’s out and about in our garden. He gets between her and the others if they try any cranky moves on her and he makes sure she’s able to eat and drink in peace. He is such a gentleman.

We kept her locked in the pen for a few days while she settled in but now she’s happily out and about trashing my garden, pooing on my verandah {and not my friend’s!} just like the rest of them!




She slept in this spot for the first little while. Too scared to get right up to the top rung in case the black girls would push her off.




But now she sleeps up on the top perch with the others, all cosy and contented. I’ve been hand feeding her everyday and holding her a lot to try and tame the wildness out of her. Riff raffy past that she has! She’s slowly but surely warming to me and to Lew and will now let us pat her while she eats. Won’t be long and she’ll be as tame as our other lovely Springvale sweeties.


Oh the chook dynamics! Just like people they are. Ha!


Kim x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

whale watching fun



I can’t remember the last time I’ve been out on a boat. A boat that was moving, at least. I think it must have been the Manly ferry and that was a loooong time ago now. I don’t really remember having feelings of excitement or anything remotely memorable either. So when our homeschooling group decided to book the Cat Balou in Eden for a whale watching trip I wasn’t overly excited, to be honest. I knew Lew would love it and that was my motivation  to go but I never thought it would be something I’d overly enjoy.




So wrong, was I!




It was so unexplainably fantastic. Just being out on that boat with the wind in my hair {and me gagging with it being swept into  my mouth! Yum. } and nothing but ocean and blue skies and gorgeous coast line and smiling kids and happy mums and dad {Jason:)} ….it was magical.




From the moment I stepped out onto the deck of the boat I felt this amazing rush of tranquillity. I can’t explain it. It was exhilarating and calming all at once. Looking out into the horizon with only ocean to be seen is the weirdest feeling. There’s nowhere to go, nowhere to be, nowhere in sight, just deep blue sea and cloudy blue skies.




I haven’t felt so relaxed in so, so long.




At that moment I really couldn’t have cared if we’d seen whales or not. The experience of the boat was enough for me. And watching the kids, with their windswept hair and smiles on their faces was all the entertainment required.




Until we came across a school of dolphins playing around. How cute are dolphins? It seemed like they became more and more playful the closer we got to them. The woman giving the spiel on the microphone told us to start clapping and cheering. The moment we did the dolphins started leaping out of the water and then all of a sudden they were swimming alongside the boat and then right in front of the boat. It was a Flipper moment, that’s for sure. Faster than lightning they so are. Did you watch Flipper when you were a kidlet? Are you as old as me? Then you’d remember the theme song.

Very cute.



The excitement of seeing the dolphins gave us a huge motivation then to spot a whale. We were on the hunt.



But not a whale in sight. We saw lots of albatross and mutton birds and a seal or two. But no whales.

Our time was almost up but the owners of the Cat Balou were determined to find us a whale so they asked us if we would be happy to extend the trip and go further out where there could be more of a chance at spotting something. As you can imagine, we were keen.




And then we spotted something. A bigger splash than anything we’d witnessed so far. A hint of white below the water.




And there it was. A tiny little blob. A whale. Can you see it? Squint.




The excitement on that boat was huge. The kids and mainly me were yelling and yahing with great gusto. The boat crept quietly closer to the tiny blob. Me and my mouth that seems to say too much when I’m a little over excited, exclaimed how much tinier the whale looked compared to what I’d imagined. I could see Lew cringing, wishing I would be a little less chatty and a lot more ….quiet and perhaps for a Jonah moment.




And then the whale gave us a little wave.




And a massive  swish of it’s tail. It no longer resembled a tiny blob! Humongous! And these were only smallish humpbacks!




Amazing! There were two, in the end, playing around the boat. We could hear there whaley noise as they came up for air and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Such a cool, cool thing to experience. Words just don’t do it justice.


And then it was time to head back to the wharf.




A school of dolphins gave us a huge display. One after the other they jumped out of the water like something you’d see at Sea World. It was like they’d been set up or something. So awesome.

And not one of us got sea sick which was an absolute bonus.


Such a fun day. I can’t wait to do it again next year.


Have you ever been whale watching? If not, you’ve gotta do it. You’ll love it!


Kim x



Thursday, November 13, 2014

easy peasy date scones … mmmmm


I love date scones. Don’t you?

Fresh from the oven and totally smothered in butter. That’s the way I like to eat ‘em.

But the best thing about them is they are so easy peasy to whip up. They are one of those things I usually make when I’ve run out of fancy ingredients for anything else.




I don’t even measure anything anymore. I just grab a large bowl, pile in some flour. Add milk. Stir in heaps and heaps of dates. Plop big globs of the dough  onto a tray so that each blob is almost touching and then cook for 15 minutes or so. They come out like a pull apart thing and then you just grab a big slab for yourself, pile on the butter and eat …while sipping tea of course.




Easy peasy and yumbles!

Have you got one of those easy recipes you whip up and devour at the drop of a hat when you hear that unexpected knock at the door? Go awwn, share it!

Kim x



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

vintage treasure hunt





I’ve been so self controlled lately. No garage saleing. No auctions. No op shopping. Until last weekend, that is.  I picked up a few old treasures who were begging to be taken home. I’m not one to refuse a begger or four!



The red ladder.

It’s going to double as a decorating feature and a quicker means of turning off our smoke alarm. Who designs houses with tall ceilings without thinking about things like reaching smoke alarms and changing light bulbs?

Like most adventures of mine where I find an old treasure to bring home, I always go with the thought that I’ll be able to fit it all into my car. Always. I’ve argued with friends over this very thing as we’ve tried and tried to manoeuvre things in and still find room to get into the car and drive the treasures home. I’ve fought them tooth and nail that everything WILL fit. The glass is half full kinda thing. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

So many times I’ve not been right.

Last weekend was another little occasion like this but this time I had no other options available so  I made that delightfully l.o.n.g. red ladder fit. With the boot of the station wagon left open and the tip of the other end of the ladder sticking through the passenger front window I made it home alive, without a fine and most importantly, my red ladder in tow!




I need more suitcases like a hole in the head but these two were particularly lovely and any time I see a suitcase with an old tag still dangling from it’s handle I can’t refuse it. So into the car it popped. The blue suitcase was owned by Mrs Atkins of Wolumla. I know some Atkins’ from Wolumla. I must chat to them about this suitcase.  I wonder if they owned it? Where has it been? What has it stored? Who’s bed did it live under? What did that tag say? I have so many questions for the Atkins’.




The bowl was an ummer and an aher. It’s not overly special. Not English china. Not in mint condition. But it’s sweet and a perfect size for small salads. And it was $1. Hello!




So the ladder got a little wipe down and then found it’s new home inside right near the smoke alarm.



I’m not 100% sure if it will stay in this exact position but for now it’s looking lovely and extremely tall. Like most of my new old treasures it will probably be shuffled around a little. I’ll keep you posted on it’s where abouts. I’m sure you’ll be dying to know. Ha.



And of course, when there’s a cute old shed close by, how could I resist taking a photo. I could’ve taken home lots of bits and pieces from inside this shed. It was a treasure trove. Old bottles with 60 year old oils still inside. Fishing line on tiny timber reels. A broken timber little pigeon hole compartment shelf which took a lot of restraining, I can tell you. I kept looking at it and touching it and trying to find ways that it could be fixed but I could hear my Dad telling me it was way too far gone and only worthy of the tip so I listened, for once, and did what I was told.

Oh the regret!

So that’s it from me and my new old treasures. How about you? Have you nabbed some lovely old bargains recently? I’d love to hear about it if you have.


Kim x